McKinsey reports that Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the current megatrends emerging from the broader digitization of society and the economy. These “smart” AI technologies have mainly attracted attention in the e-business, automotive, and consumer goods sectors. A similar development is now taking place in the healthcare sector. McKinsey Global Institute on AI

Accenture believes that artificial intelligence (AI) is a “self-running engine” for growth in Healthcare. According their analysis, Health AI applications can potentially create $150 billion in annual savings for the US healthcare economy alone by 2026.  Accenture AI in Healthcare

CBInsights calculates that AI deals in healthcare startups increased 29% year-over-year to hit 88 deals in 2016 and are already on track to reach a 6-year-high in 2017. CBInsight Report on AI in Healthcare

PwC concludes that “…an unprecedented increase in the volume of patient healthcare data has left the industry struggling to put that data to practical use. Artificial intelligence (AI), with its capability to draw “intelligent” inferences based on vast amounts of raw data, may hold the solution. Follow the money, and you’ll see big bets on healthcare AI across the globe: 63% of healthcare executives worldwide already actively invest in AI technologies, and 74% say they are planning to do so”. PwC Report on AI in Healthcare

i5 Health Ai, specialising in the development of algorithms and modules applicable to Health data, is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) healthcare start-up that has already proved its case in the context of the NHS and the Gulf region. We are now seeking to strengthen its position globally and make our unique technology available to over 100 countries that ascribe to the WHO ICD coding system.

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