Modelling an Alternative Future - Digital NHS in London - FAQ


Healthy London Partnership (HLP) is supporting London's Strategic Transformation Groups (STPs) to develop their Sustainability and Transformation plans and, to that end, is recommending specifically the increased use of Digital Healthcare. HLP has been working with i5 Health to apply the Commissioning Opportunity (COP) module:

  • To identify, using existing secondary care data sets, the population who may benefit in London from Digital initiatives.
  • To calculate the return to the NHS in London on investment in implementing Digital initiatives.
  • To visually represent the opportunity calculations by Digital initiative in a dashboard as heatmaps.

General questions

The data is based on Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) for the Financial Year Ends (FYE) of 2014/15, 2015/16 and 2016/17. Each FYE covers 01 April and includes activity up to and including 31 March e.g. 2016/17 starts from 1 April 2016 and ends in 31 March 2017. As of June 2017, the data is only 3 months old.

For more information on HES data please see NHS Digital: Hospital Episode Statistics

The savings covered in the COP reports and Cost Calculators are based on the cost of avoided hospital activity in A&E, Outpatient and Admitted Patient Care (APC). They are based on 2016/17 PbR tariffs and include Market Force Factors (MFF) at provider level.

Patients identified from benefiting from specific Digital interventions had preventable activity in hospital that could have been avoided if the patient would have received an effective Digital intervention.

Most case studies relating to each of the interventions will include effectiveness and efficacy findings that generally improve during the SP service delivery.