Who We Are

i5 Health is a very recent start up that represents a culture of innovation that is soundly based on both a high level of IT expertise and deep experience of the Health sector and the NHS in particular. It is probably unique in the level of its ability to link multiple sources of information and generate highly sophisticated and actionable commissioning support reports. All that we provide is done without recourse to expensive (and sometimes cumbersome) data warehousing .Commissioners and other key organisations involved in NHS decision making benefit from our long, creative experience (from both outside and within the Health sector) of advanced analytics and algorithms. We are already providing services to NHS England.

i5 Health is dedicated to NHS commissioning support by delivering IT cloud solutions to improve operational performance. Our multi disciplinary team of experts covers commissioning matters from many angles including: clinical, pharmaceutical, financial, contractual and IT. These experts collaborate to deliver implementable solutions. i5 Health aims to be a true partner and an important ally to our customers to support their business functions. We understand their core values and operational and the need to build a strong business relationship.

Our Philosophy

is to provide the best value products and services of the highest quality. We aim to achieve this by offering some of the best clinical and business consultants in their field backed up by a strong IT team. We create innovative and competitive products which meet and exceed expectations. We endeavour to be a true advocate of the customerís business needs and strong partner in your business development objectives. We believe in building strong, long lasting relationships that withstand challenges in a changing environment.

Our Vision

is to be the premier systems supplier to all NHS organisations by building secure, reliable and easy to use commissioning systems. In our changing environment, our vision is also to be a supportive advisor in operational innovation using tried and tested best practice NHS processes.

Our Values

include that a true business partner is based on many virtues. To be that partner, relationships must be based on fairness, listening to our customers, honouring commitments and adhering to all the core business values that will make them successful.