IBM Watson for Healthcare Services

IBM Watson is a system that can read and digest text documents and remember each and every word - so you don't have to. With the vast amount of documents out there relating to service improvements, it is impossible for a commissioner or healthcare provider to have come across each and every one of them and have had the time to read them.

i5 Health, with the help of commissioners and early participants, has been training IBM Watson, through inputting case studies of successful projects, to understand service provision in an health economy.

We invite you to ask commissioning related questions of IBM Watson so it can develop answers to them. The more questions asked of IBM Watson, the greater is its ability to provide a considered answer.

Train the Brain of Commissioning Find Service Gaps and Opportunities Learn from other NHS Organiations
Train your very own Q&A Brain to answer your questions relating to healthcare services and interventions in the NHS By combining healthcare needs data and results from pilots, suitable interventions can be found for your needs Identify interventions that were implemented by other NHS organisations that may apply to your own health economy
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