i5 Health and the Harness Locality within Brent CCG in NW London are cooperating on the further development of i5 Commissioning Suite. i5 Health are providing the platform on specially adapted Microsoft tablets to enable the 16 practices of Harness

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The i5 Commissioning Suite is a module based cloud system that is flexible to the needs of the commissioner. It offers each module as Software as a Service (SaaS) where each module is enabled on demand.

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i5 Commissioning Opportunity (COP) supports transformational change by evaluating hundreds of successful healthcare initiatives at patient level to calculate their value for CCGs and Acute Trusts.
Find details and key outcomes for your own organisation.

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Supporting Clinical Commissioning

i5 Health is a specialist in commissioning information and has many years of experience with NHS information systems. We address the main issues relating to commissioning information by supporting CCGs, CSUs and Providers with information management and decision support.

i5 Health delivers decision support for you as IT solutions or consultancy services. Our IT system enables you to manage and process your information without the need to maintain servers, large IT departments or software. Our aim is to free NHS commissioners from the information management burden and allow them to focus on healthcare commissioning.